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Sydney, Australia

Alexandra Roach

Investigator. Reporter. Features Writer. Photographer.


Abby Endings

The child of Ukrainian-Jewish immigrants, Pauline Friedman Phillips was born Pauline Esther Friedman in Iowa on July 4, 1918. America’s Independence Day certainly seems a fitting birthdate for the creator of an American institution: the “Dear Abby” newspaper advice column which, for more than 50 years, dispensed witty and compassionate advice on life’s troubles, often delivered in snappy one-liners
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Women of Worth

To mark International Women’s Day, here are eight influential Jewish women, past and present, who have made their mark.
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The Fake News Phenomenon

When journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein revealed to the people the truth about Watergate in the 1970s, there an explosion of government-related paranoia within American society.
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Oscar Wild

The history of Hollywood is very much intertwined with that of American Jewry: many of the founders of the big studios were Jewish, among them the Warner brothers, Columbia’s Harry Cohn, Fox’s William Fox, Paramount’s Adolph Zukor and MGM’s Louis B Mayer. With the Oscars, Mayer’s brainchild, upon us once more, Alexandra Roach takes a look at this year’s Jewish nominees.
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American Beauty

In Hollywood, there is no prize more important than the Oscar. It is the ultimate accolade, a sign of respect and adoration, the division between the winners and the losers.
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Alexandra Roach

Full-time newspaper and magazine journalist based in Sydney, Australia.

I am a jill of all trades: news writer, features writer, photographer, content producer and manager.

Topics of interest and specialty include business, media, politics, popular culture, cinema, television, music, photography, advertising, celebrity, theatre, marketing, travel, education, community, profiles and finance.

Aside from journalism, I am also an experienced web and graphic designer. I have designed, launched and managed corporate websites and have also launched and managed corporate social media accounts.

You can see some further samples of my work here.

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