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Alexandra Roach

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Cynata brings forward stem cell breakthroughs

It sounds like something out of science fiction. Someone needs a new kidney, liver or pancreas, but instead of acquiring the relevant tissue from a donor, the body part needed is grown in a lab, and then transplanted into the patient’s body without complication. The concept of “organ banks” is becoming closer to reality, driven by the science of regenerative medicine which has made major advances in the past decade, in turn enabled by breakthroughs in stem cell biology.
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10 commandments of a stress-free stocktake

If your business produces or purchases stock for the market, you will likely need to do at least one stocktake at the end of the financial year for tax reasons.
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Why do I need a night skincare regimen?

No matter how good your genes and how well you take care of your skin, time does march on, and your skin’s metabolism – and ability to renew itself – slows with it.
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Is Australia’s sentencing too harsh?

Sentencing is one of the most important areas of law due to the long-term effects of imprisonment, including a decrease in life expectancy and a 20-40 per cent reduction of lifetime earnings. Imprisonment also has a devastating impact on the families of inmates.
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Making the desert bloom

Like Australia, Israel is a land made up mostly of dry, arid desert prone to droughts and low rainfall. So how did this tiny country become a powerhouse of agricultural science and development?
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What to do if your child is being bullied

Recent research suggests one in four Australian school students experience frequent bullying at school. So your child is certainly not alone.
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Curing Canavan

By the time Jessica is three months old, her parents fear something is wrong. She can’t lift her head. Her limbs flop like those of a rag doll. Frightened, they take her to a paediatrician. The doctor examines Jessica and tells her parents it is likely she is just experiencing a slight milestone delay.
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How tech improves access to justice in rural Australia

Access to the justice system and professional legal development opportunities are low for those in rural, regional and remote Australia. During the past three years, the learning and development project, funded by the Victorian Legal Services Board, deepened the centre’s expertise in alternative e-learning and digital delivery methods.
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Abby Endings

The child of Ukrainian-Jewish immigrants, Pauline Friedman Phillips was born Pauline Esther Friedman in Iowa on July 4, 1918. America’s Independence Day certainly seems a fitting birthdate for the creator of an American institution: the “Dear Abby” newspaper advice column which, for more than 50 years, dispensed witty and compassionate advice on life’s troubles, often delivered in snappy one-liners
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Law school: not just about studying

There is a popular myth that law students spend so much of their time frantically studying that, come graduation, none of their friends or family recognise them because it’s been so long since they last saw them. ‘Law school is not just about studying,’ advises Deakin Law School lecturer Dr Benjamin Hayward, who is extensively involved in the extra-curricular programs available to the university’s law students.
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Inside Your Insides

Alexandra Roach discovers how the PillCam is helping Australian medics examine their patients’ insides.
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Northern Exposure

Sweden's lush forests, raging rivers, magnificent mountains and cosmopolitan capital, Stockholm, will capture the heart of travellers of every stripe, from sporty mountaineers to culture buffs seeking relaxation. FC Magazine takes a look at one of the world’s most beautiful countries.
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Alexandra Roach

Full-time newspaper and magazine journalist based in Sydney, Australia.

I am a jill of all trades: news writer, features writer, photographer, content producer and manager.

Topics of interest and specialty include business, media, politics, popular culture, cinema, television, music, photography, advertising, celebrity, theatre, marketing, travel, education, community, profiles and finance.

Aside from journalism, I am also an experienced web and graphic designer. I have designed, launched and managed corporate websites and have also launched and managed corporate social media accounts.

You can see some further samples of my work here.

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