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Sydney, Australia

Alexandra Roach

Investigator. Reporter. Features Writer. Photographer.


Cynata brings forward stem cell breakthroughs

It sounds like something out of science fiction. Someone needs a new kidney, liver or pancreas, but instead of acquiring the relevant tissue from a donor, the body part needed is grown in a lab, and then transplanted into the patient’s body without complication. The concept of “organ banks” is becoming closer to reality, driven by the science of regenerative medicine which has made major advances in the past decade, in turn enabled by breakthroughs in stem cell biology.
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Making the desert bloom

Like Australia, Israel is a land made up mostly of dry, arid desert prone to droughts and low rainfall. So how did this tiny country become a powerhouse of agricultural science and development?
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Curing Canavan

By the time Jessica is three months old, her parents fear something is wrong. She can’t lift her head. Her limbs flop like those of a rag doll. Frightened, they take her to a paediatrician. The doctor examines Jessica and tells her parents it is likely she is just experiencing a slight milestone delay.
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Inside Your Insides

Alexandra Roach discovers how the PillCam is helping Australian medics examine their patients’ insides.
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It's in your genes

Are Ashkenazi Jews particularly prone to genetic disorders? Alexandra Roach investigates.
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Alexandra Roach

Full-time newspaper and magazine journalist based in Sydney, Australia.

I am a jill of all trades: news writer, features writer, photographer, content producer and manager.

Topics of interest and specialty include business, media, politics, popular culture, cinema, television, music, photography, advertising, celebrity, theatre, marketing, travel, education, community, profiles and finance.

Aside from journalism, I am also an experienced web and graphic designer. I have designed, launched and managed corporate websites and have also launched and managed corporate social media accounts.

You can see some further samples of my work here.

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